Saturday, March 27th, 2010-Sunday, May 30th, 2010

Curator: Lizzie Zucker Saltz | Guest Essayist: Ben Emanuel

Chuck von Schmidt, Antediluvian
Memories – Atlanta (2010)
hourglass; pinewood; Chattahoochee River; Atlanta Earth
1268923952_Storm Profiler
Katherine McQueen, Storm Profiler (2009), cross-stitch on fabric, 5″ x 7″

Following the record-breaking floods of this past fall and winter-which followed an historic, severe drought-Deluge is timely in North Georgia. Yet the exhibit also explores fundamental and timeless questions of how people inhabit the natural landscape, both literally and emotionally through our relationships with floods, their aftermath and the weather leading to them. Deluge is a study in how humanity reacts to the impacts of environmental forces beyond our control. This collection of paintings, photography, conceptual embroideries and a large sculptural installation consequently addresses global warming and land use issues.

The works in our 35th exhibit will be enhanced by a 3’ high water line painted directly on the gallery walls, conceived of by the curator to simulate the feeling of wading in the gallery. Executed by Atlanta artist Katherine Taylor with the assistance of her former student, Jeff Lawerence Brown, the two will work will collaboratively on the imagery that will abut a large-scale, site-specific painting Taylor is creating on our 19′ right hand wall (see below).


Featured Artist 

Tom Berenz, a young painting professor at The University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, depicts overhead views of flooded urban and suburban landscapes and the automobiles found there. In starkly flat hues ranging from coffee-colored to olive green and even dark ruddy or purplish tones, Berenz presents the calm surface of floodwaters after the rain has ended.

Tom Berenz, Flooded Car
Lot 2 (2009) oil on canvas, 40″ x 30″


Atlanta painter Katherine Taylor, originally from Biloxi, MS, re-creates found images from television and internet media, zooming in here on flash floods in urban settings. The drawings she is debuting in Deluge specifically refer to the September 2009 Atlanta floods, representing urban views of flooding such as nearly-submerged road signs, the sites of washed-out culverts and car headlights reflecting off of the creek water rushing over a road.

1268249551_Atlanta Flooding_ Field, 2010,Oil on Paper, 19_x24_72
Katherine Taylor, Atlanta Flooding Field (2010),
oil on paper, 19″x24″
1268250521_Broken Culvert, 2010, Oil on Linen, 9_ x 12_, K.Taylor_72
Katherine Taylor, Broken Culvert (2010),
oil on linen, 9″x12″


Katherine Taylor, Culvert (2010),
site specific acrylic on wall, 9′ x 16′


Participating Artists

Featured Artist:  Tom Berenz (Oshkosh, WI)

Site Specific Gallery Installation:  Katherine Taylor (Atlanta, GA) with Studio Assistant Jeff Lawerence Brown(Lawrenceville, GA)

Participating Artists:

Mindy Kober (Houston, TX), Katherine McQueen (Athens, GA), Chuck von Schmidt (Dix Hills, NY), Mark Steinmetz (Athens, GA), Katherine Taylor (Atlanta, GA), Team Stormwater (Athens, GA)