ATHICA Emerges IV: Uncertainty

Saturday, June 19th, 2010-Sunday, July 25th, 2010

Curator: Katherine McQueen | Assistant Curator: Katherine Holmes

Casey McGuire, Diving Through Surface Into Light (2010), details from mixed-media video installation
1276225898_MDicken Pawn web
Melissa Dickenson, Pawn-route (2010), acrylic and ink on cut paper, 40″ x 40″

ATHICA Emerges IV: Uncertainty introduces Athens to the unique vision of four artists whose works reflect uncertain times–selected from among 20 regional entries.

Jon Swindler, What’s Left (2010), collaged printed materials, 36″ x 96″

Through installation, painting, printmaking and sculpture they explore the precarious interconnectedness of our world, reminding us that we must all tread lightly.

Featured artist, Casey McGuire describes her work as orchestrating “various elements to construct a personal narrative that investigates the problematic nature of artifice and perfection.” For the exhibit she will  create a large-scale, brand-new sculptural video installation titled Diving Through Surface Into Light. Comprised of multiple towers of stacked dresser drawers; each is topped by a diving board looking down onto a river made out of T.V. monitors displaying videos of running water. At the river’s end is a small tent made out of bed sheets. These elements work in concert to convey a disconcerting narrative.

Casey McGuire, details from Diving Through Surface Into Light (2010)

A self-described storyteller, McGuire speaks to the uncertainty of society’s future. The eclectic style of the precariously arranged dressers’ evoke individual bedrooms and by extension  individual houses, alluding to the mortgage-backed securities that were a contributing factor to the recent tumultuous financial meltdown. Read more about McGuire ina 2009  Sculpture Magazine interview.


Participating Artists

Featured artist: Casey McGuire

Melissa Dickenson (Athens, GA)

Jon Swindler (Athens, GA)

Patrick Triggs (Athens, GA)