Ways to Donate to ATHICA

ATHICA is an all-volunteer 501 (c) (3) non-profit supported by Athens since 2002. All operations are supported by small donations, memberships, entry fees, sponsorships and grants. Please consider helping this small-but-mighty part of the Athens scene in any amount you can manage. Donations of $250 or more are recognized as named Patrons.  Your donations are tax-deductible.

Look at all the Ways to Donate:

Paypal: Credit Card or Paypal Account

Venmo: Credit Card or Bank Account

Benevity: ATHICA participates in Benevity; check with your employer for availability of the Benevity match program.

Check:  ATHICA: Athens Institute for Contemporary Art | 675 Pulaski St., Suite 1200, Athens, GA, 30601

Join/Become a Member: athica.org/membership

Become a Patron: athica.org/patrons

ATHICA is certified by Guidestar/ Candid.  See more information at https://www.guidestar.org/profile/shared/64ea8a70-5f1e-4d10-a562-bde1b492e081




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