ATHICA: Athens Institute for Contemporary Art is an independent, non-profit gallery promoting and supporting innovative contemporary art and artists through exhibitions, education, and events. Support from our community and beyond has enabled us to fulfill our mission since our founding in 2002. Whether you are an artist, neighbor, or business owner, ATHICA enriches your community by bringing together contemporary artists for experience, reflection, and dialogue, as well as arts education for all ages. Your continued support is essential to both sustain the creative, high-quality programming that ATHICA provides and to help us grow.

Please consider supporting ATHICA at one of the following levels. Select the level that best fits your needs, complete the form, and complete your transaction with either a coupon code or payment via Square. You will receive an email confirmation of your submission as well as a follow-up message from ATHICA that confirms your support and benefits. Please note: if you have a coupon code that is less than the value of the artist/student/individual level, we will follow up to make payment arrangement.

ATHICA Membership and Individual-Giving Patron Levels and Benefits

Artist/Student/Individual: $25 (includes participation in annual member exhibition; ability to rent the gallery for events)

Family: $50 (includes participation in annual member exhibition for two people; ability to rent the gallery for events)

Sustainer: $100 (includes participation in annual member exhibition and discount on event rental)

Bronze Patron: $250 (includes all of the above plus choice of item from ATHICA shop and name on patron page of ATHICA website)

Silver Patron: $500 (includes all of the above plus name on gallery digital displays)

Gold Patron: $1000 (includes all of the above plus one night gratis ATHICA facility rental)

Platinum Patron: $2500 (includes all of the above plus exclusive branded sponsorship of one ATHICA exhibition)