New Paintings by Greg Benson: ATHICA@Ciné Gallery

July 5 – August 25, 2021
New Paintings by Greg Benson
ATHICA@Ciné Gallery

ATHICA is delighted to announce the third exhibition of a new partnership in which ATHICA has assumed curatorial duties for the Ciné art gallery, featuring the latest works of local painter Greg Benson. A prolific artist, Benson is a constant maker of regional images, including his resident Georgia and native Pennsylvania. These richly colored and painterly landscapes in oil on board capture seasonal views, often as seen from the road.

According to Benson, “These very recent paintings document my most recent attempts to let go of expectations, control, ambition, that fifth glass of wine, and all the other things that make for unremarkable mark-making.”

The work is available for viewing in the Ciné gallery as COVID precautions permit; see for hours.

More about Greg Benson

Greg Benson was born in Allentown PA and brought home in swaddling clothes to Hosensack, a farming community fifteen miles to the south.  There he learned to appreciate nature as his mother implored repeatedly, “It’s a beautiful day–why aren’t you outside?”  Having no good answer to that, Benson spent many a day with his brothers hiking, biking, bike-hiking and building forts that the neighbor bully destroyed.

He didn’t appreciate his homeland until being suddenly yanked away just before the tender age of 16, awaking in the state of Middle Georgia, located somewhere in the center of the state.  The University of Georgia being the most sensible place to further his education, he did so twice, emerging with an MFA in drawing and painting in 1992.  Back when there were artist grants, he got a few.  He also had something like 200 solo exhibitions of his work, but never in the art museum on campus at which he worked for twelve years.  He and his wife, Amy, his two sons, three stepchildren and dog continue to hope….

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New Paintings by Greg Benson is sponsored in part by The James E. and Betty J. Huffer Foundation, The Georgia Council for the Arts, and The National Endowment for the Arts.

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