2017 Southeastern Curry Expo & Murk Daddy Flex EP Release with Special Guests

2017 Southeastern Curry Expo
& Murk Daddy Flex EP Release with Special Guests
Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Michael Lauden Event @ ATHICA
Vegan Potluck — Doors Open @ 8pm
Music @ 9pm

Murk Daddy Flex (Athens, GA)
Street Sects (on tour from Austin, TX)
Small White Dog (on tour from Montevallo, AL)
Material World (Athens, GA)
Isaak Pancake (Athens, GA)
Mr. E (Athens, GA)

murkdaddyflex streetsects
Murk Daddy Flex Street Sects

Murk Daddy Flex:


Recent press on Street Sects for their latest release on the Flenser Records, End Position:
“Street Sects vocalist Leo Ashline has turned a lifetime of distress, addiction and violence into an extreme-music triumph. Since 2013, he has collaborated with multi-instrumentalist Shaun Ringsmuth to create nightmarish noise, punk and industrial punchouts, playing strobing, molten shows around Austin. On their debut LP End Position – a title inspired by a lyric from Bonnie “Prince” Billy’s “I See a Darkness” – more subtle layers reveal themselves. Amid the anarchy are moments of noir storytelling, black humor and satisfying breakdowns between pummelings.” – Rolling Stone

“This album is so freakish, it makes the blackest of blacks look gray by comparison.” -The Needle Drop

“End Position is dark, angry music. Between Leo Ashline’s moribund lyrics and the wrecking, pummeling waves of collaborator Shaun Ringsmuth’s electronics, the music is basically a bad friend encouraging a panic attack. It gets scary and fast in unclear ways, then burns you with its lighter and laughs at you. It’s difficult to hold onto, it’s jagged. It bludgeons you and makes your ears ring.” -Tiny Mix Tapes