2nd Annual Twilight Trophy Competition

ATHICA’s 2nd Annual Twilight Trophy Competition

ATHICA, Twilight Criterium + Bike Athens have teamed up yet again for a creative fundraiser that promotes local art, cycling, RE-cycling, and community involvement. Local artists will register to receive used bicycle parts (provided by Bike Athens) to create sculptural trophies for the annual Twilight Criterium race! Cash prizes will be awarded to the top 6 finalists chosen. The remaining entries will be auctioned to benefit Habitat for Humanity on April 23rd. The finalists will be given out as trophies to the race winners.

Entries need to be 24 inches tall, durable, and able to stand on their own. Please contact info@athica.org with any questions.


Entry deadline for completed trophies: April 9th, 2015