NYC Percussionist Ravish Momin with Killick

May 20 @ 8:00 pm10:00 pm

Momin will play a solo set and a duo set with Killick (

Open to all regardless of funds; suggested donation $10 to support the musicians

Drummer Ravish Momin has been heavily influenced by the music of his former employer, saxophone legend Kalaparusha McIntyre, who was among the first members of the AACM in 1969. Their motto of “ancient to the future”, is also at the core of his own approach to music, where he has aspired to blend Jazz improvisation and global rhythms with forward thinking electronics.  Momin has sought out rhythmic and melodic underpinnings from Indian, Afghani and Turkish music.  He has also adapted an acoustic drumset to work with an analog drum synthesizer to create an original blend of electro-acoustic beats, in order to explore the intersection of technology and human interaction.