Artist-in-ATHICA: Mux Blank and JOKERJOKERtv

June 1-June 30, 2023
Artist-in-ATHICA: Mux Blank

A Glitch Night’s Dream
Affiliated Events and Viewing Hours

  • JUNE 10, 8pm-12: Mr Blank (sound & theatre performance) with opening act Poose the Puppet. Seating is limited. Free, donations to artists appreciated.
  • JUNE 16-17, 8pm-12: Friends of JOKERJOKERtv, featuring a curated group of performance artists and filmmakers sharing sound performance art, projection art, and art films, including select short films and video art from Mux Blank, performances by JOKERJOKERtv crew members, and more. Seating is limited. Free, donations to artists appreciated.
  • June 23-25, JOKERJOKERtv @ Athfest 2023, livestreaming Athfest 2023 coverage featuring interviews, videos, and more from the artists of Athfest. VIP tickets to be in the live studio audience are available in advance from, all remaining seating will be open to anyone with a Athfest wristband, seating is limited.
  • EXHIBITION / OPEN STUDIO HOURS: TBA. Check Social Media. Free.

ATHICA is delighted to announce that we are hosting the multidisciplinary artist Mux Blank as our Artist-in-ATHICA during the weeks of June 1-June 30, 2023.  During his residency, Blank will present “A Glitch Night’s Dream,” a series of events and an exhibition in conjunction with his ongoing project JOKERJOKERtv.

The series of six events includes performances by Mr. Blank,  friends of JOKERJOKERtv, and a three-day streaming series in which JOKERJOKERtv will livestream interviews with and videos by AthFest performers. The exhibition will feature a nearly 30-year retrospective of select creative works by Mr. Blank including 2D acrylic paintings, mixed media, 3D prototype toy sculptures, and more. Open Studio Hours will feature Mr. Blank demonstrating how he sculpts, molds, and casts resin designer toy figures. Anyone is welcome to come watch, ask questions, and learn how to turn a character idea into a finished and packaged resin figurine.

The purpose of the residency is to foster the development of artists and their artistic works and to enrich the programmatic offerings and community experience provided by ATHICA. For more information about the ATHICA artist-in residence program, to apply, and to see previous residents, see: Artist-in-ATHICA

More About Mux Blank and JOKERJOKERtv

Mux Blank is a performance artist, sound sculptor, 2-d and 3-d artist, filmmaker and more. Performances are a unique and visceral blend of experimental sound sculpture and abstract theatre performance art. Productions utilize a plethora of nontraditional props and reality bending sound sources including: costumes and masks, disheveled stacks of TVs with strobing images and glitchy video projections, homemade circuit bent instruments, noise making toys, abstract set designs, and found materials.

JOKERJOKERtv is a weekly talkshow-style program that curates a unique collection of independent and underground artists from Athens, and around the world, giving them more eyes on what they do. This consistently gives our audience a chance to discover new and innovative artists they may have never otherwise seen. JOKERJOKERtv airs Live every Thursday night at 6:30 (EST) on Youtube and the program features all types of submissions including: music videos, short film, video skits, interviews with artists, live performances and more. This year JOKERJOKERtv is excited to celebrate 3 years making an impact on Athens! Join us online or in person for our Athfest 2023 special coverage being broadcast live from ATHICA.

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Artists-in-ATHICA is sponsored in part by The James E. and Betty J. Huffer Foundation and the Georgia Council for the Arts through the appropriations of the Georgia General Assembly. Georgia Council for the Arts also receives support from its partner agency – the National Endowment for the Arts.

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