Saturday, December 15th, 2012-Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Need a perfect gift for someone who has it all? Buy art!

Start your contemporary art collection! Support the local!


Join ATHICA for its Inaugural Annual Pin-Up Show featuring work for sale by over 60 local and national contemporary artists with prices beginning at $20.  Get to ATHICA early to find the piece that you love the best! Once purchased, the work comes down and immediately enters your art collection. Have a friend who’s hard to buy holiday gifts for? This is a perfect opportunity to give the gift of contemporary art.

All purchases are made at the event on a first-come,  first-serve basis. Work will be available to purchase through Sunday, December 16, 1–6PM.


Participating Artists

Rinne Allen, Keliy Anderson-Staley, Maggie Baxter, Wayne Bellamy, Francisca Benitez, Amy 

Bramblett, Vanessa Briscoe Hay, Katie Bush, Don Byram, Jamie Calkin, Bob

Clements, Claire Clements, Bob Davis, Eleanor Davis, Kim Deakins, 

Margot Ecke, Will Eskridge, Ben Fain, Robin Fay, Larry Forte, Liz 

Fuller, Andrew Giannakakis, Kelly Gorman Kafeero,  Katie Hargrave, Kelly

Hart, Will Hart, Halsey Hathaway, Hope Hilton, Katherine Hodges, Jen 

Holt, Jeremy Hughes, Alea Hurst, Cindy Jerrell, Jacklin Jones, Missy 

Kulik, Michael Lachowski, Scott Lawrence, Vivian Liddell, Jenn Manzella,

Valerie Mathews, Ian McFarlane, Erin McIntosh, Manda Mckay, Katherine 

McQueen, Steven Milsap, Colette Murphy, Lanora Pierce, Bill Pierson, 

Justin Plakas, Karla Pruitt, Sal Randolph, Melissa Ryder, Beth Sale, 

Noah Saunders, Rene Shoemaker, Eric Simmons, Donni Smith, Jessica Smith,

Leslie Snipes, Mark Steinmetz, Justine Stevens, Jim Stipemass, Larry 

Tenner, Jason Thrasher, Mary Joe Vandiver, Tatiana Veneruso, Rusty 

Wallace, Jacob Wenzka, Ally White, Lauren Williamson, Anthony Wislar