2016 Members Exhibition, December 17, 2016 through January 14, 2017



Opening Event:  Saturday, December 17, 5-7 PM, preceded by a private reception for participating artists from 4-5 PM

During the weeks of December 17, 2016 through January 14, 2017, the work of ATHICA members is featured in this first annual members’ exhibition.  As an all-volunteer and membership-based organization, ATHICA serves as a community-hub for artists seeking conversation, collaboration, and a venue for sharing and experiencing contemporary art.  The 2016 Members’ Exhibition is a prime opportunity for all of these essential components of the arts in Athens.

Open to all 2016 current and joining members, the exhibit is self-curated and installed by ATHICA board members and volunteers.

Participating Artists

List of Participating Artists

Claire Clements
Elizabeth Mettler
Robert Clerments
Cap Man
Jeanne Ann Davidson
Richard Huston
Nancy York
Leslie Litt
Vivian Liddell
Timothy Adams
Susie Burch
Christina Howells
Manda McKay
Luke Graves
Vickie Suplee
VYvonne Studevan
Todd Emily
Andrea Garland
Cameron Bliss
Ray Lee
Michael Lachowski
Melaney Cohen
Megan Sparks
Didi Dunphy
Lauren Fancher
Mary Ann Cox
Cheryl Washburn
Diane Speight
Michael Lauden
Melody Croft
John English
Jon Vogt