Wanted: Art Educational Specialist

Virginia Union College, Camera Class. 1936 – 1937. Kenneth F. Space, Photographer. Kenneth Space Photographs of the Activities of Southern Black Americans, 1936 – 1937. Harmon Collection, National Archives.

Are you an art education grad student or working art education professional?

ATHICA is seeking an art educational specialist to develop learning activities and lesson plans on a contract basis for presentation on the ATHICA website and use by K12 teachers and homeschoolers.  Initial contract for three lesson plans/learning activities at $150 each, with the potential to extend to additional plans based on mutual agreement. Details follow below. Apply by February 7, 2021 by emailing statement of interest, resumé, and relevant work samples to K12EducationCommittee@athica.org


Job Description: ATHICA Educational Specialist

  • This position would work on a contract basis to produce PDF lesson plans for learning activities for the K-12 audience, with alignments to Georgia Department of Education Standards of Excellence for Visual Arts and National Art Education Association Standards.
  • Payment per lesson plan/learning activity $150 with an initial contract for three plans, to be paid in increments on completion of each plan. Potential to extend to additional plans based on mutual agreement.
  • For presentation on the ATHICA website for use by K12 teachers and homeschoolers. In addition to PDF, supplementary materials may include Powerpoint presentations, online resources, videos, etc.
  • PDF template provided by ATHICA
  • Lesson plans/learning activities to serve as prompts for grades K-5, 6-8, and 9-12 interaction with artworks in gallery and online exhibitions in areas such as:
    • Materials and Content
    • Message and Symbol
    • Self-expression and Creativity
    • Art and Society
    • Contemporary Art
  • Lesson plans / learning activities to include:
    • Georgia Department of Education and NAEA standards alignments
    • Overview
    • Learning objectives
    • Description of activity
    • Step-by-step instructions and examples for students
    • Teacher’s script
    • Teacher’s guide for adoption and adaptation in classroom or homeschool
    • References for further reading.
  • Ideal candidate: graduate student or working professional in art education
  • Initial term: January-July 2021