Artists-In-ATHICA Residency Program

Through the support of The James E. and Betty J. Huffer Foundation with additional grant-funding in 2019 from the Creature Comforts Get Artistic program, the Artists-in-ATHICA Residency program enables up to six artists per year to participate in a collaborative residency at ATHICA.  The purpose of the residency is to foster the development of artists and their artistic works and to enrich the programmatic offerings and community experience provided by ATHICA.  Three cycles per year (February-April, June-August, September-November) will provide administrative support, exhibition and performance facilities, and a small stipend to up to two artists per cycle.  Artists may work in any or multiple disciplines and traditions, including but not limited to visual, curatorial, musical, performing, written, experimental, cinematic,  digital, and theatrical arts.  The work undertaken in the residency can be in a familiar or new discipline. Residents can work independently, collaborate with others, and/or work as a team.

Upon selection, residents will develop and execute a plan for their residency in conjunction with ATHICA that will include:

  • the specific creative project to be undertaken and presented at ATHICA during the residency
  • the presentation at ATHICA of an educational event such as a talk or workshop related to the residency discipline and/or the creative work produced
  • a schedule of on-site hours in residence, including serving as gallery docent for up to 25 hours during the residency

The stipend amount may vary based on duration and scope of project. Room and board will not be provided.  However, ATHICA will work with out-of-town residents to identify low- and no-cost housing option for periods in which they must be on-site. However, all work related to the residency does not need to occur on site, in Athens, or during specified hours.

The call for entries for the next cycle will open in Summer 2019 for Summer/Fall 2020.

Participating Artists-In-Residence
February – April 2018: Gunnar Tarsa and Kyle Lewis aka Guy Did Ail
October 9-28, 2018: Tomie Seo
May 12-June 9, 2019:  Katlin Shae
December 15, 2019-Januuary 5, 2020: Claire Molla
March-April, 2020: Mo Costello